"When you are having a child for the first time, or a second or third child, there are always a lot of questions and new information popping up." --Tonya Alleshouse, RN

Q & A: How can I protect my baby from germs and illness?

June 24, 2015


Question: How can I protect my baby from germs and illness? Answer: Hand washing! It’s the best line of defense against germs that are spread by touching. Wash your hands often and properly. This can help prevent infections in yourself and others. When to wash your hands: Before you prepare food and after touching raw […]

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Sun Safety Tips for Your Baby

June 19, 2015


It’s great to get outside and enjoy the sunny summer days, but your baby’s tender skin can’t handle the sun’s rays like an adult’s skin can. It’s important to know how to protect your baby from getting too much sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation offers some recommendations: Infants Infants under 6 months old should be […]

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Q & A: How do I know if my newborn is growing and developing at a normal pace?

June 10, 2015


Question: How do I know if my newborn is growing and developing at a normal pace? Answer: All babies grow and develop at different paces, but during the 1 to 3 month age range, here are some things parents can expect to start to see: Smiles at faces Squeals, coos, laughs and gurgles Is soothed by […]

The ABC’s of a Crying Baby

June 5, 2015


New parents are often worried about how much their baby cries. Crying is normal in all babies — it’s how they communicate. Even healthy babies without colic, illness or discomfort can cry for two to three hours a day. Research shows that there is a normal cycle for babies. Crying begins to increase around 2-3 […]

Working Through the Terrible Two’s

May 29, 2015


While the celebration of your toddler’s second birthday is joyful, it is hard to ignore the feeling of dread as “No!” begins to dominate their vocabulary. Though their outbursts are frustrating, keep in mind their actions are not acts of defiance directed toward you; they are developing independence and learning how to express frustration. Here […]

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Q & A: What is safe sleep for my baby when I go home after delivery?

May 20, 2015


newborn sleeping

Question: What is safe sleep for my baby when I go home after delivery? Answer: Sudden Infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden, unexpected death of an infant one month to one year of age that remains unexplained. It claims more than 2000 babies in the U.S. every year. It has been attributed to unsafe […]

When to Feed Your Baby Solid Food

May 15, 2015



Source: Cleveland Clinic Most pediatricians recommend that you introduce solid food to your baby no earlier than 6 months of age. A study published in the April issue of the journal Pediatrics shows many moms are jumping the gun and feeding their babies solid food earlier without knowing the risks. Of the 1,300 moms that were […]


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